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Everybody deserves one

Happy Endings was founded in 2014 by Terri Mercieca aka. ‘T’, Pastry Chef, YBF award winner and champion for Queer business.

There’s no missing that T’s roots run deep into Australian soil. Possible giveaways include the warm smile constantly plastered across her face, the sincerity with which she’ll answer your question “yeah…nahhh”, or the unmissable flavours of Australian classics that weave their way through the Happy Endings range.

“Ice cream played a dreamy role in my childhood. Of course I’m going to believe that Aussie ice creams were the best in the world, they are always going to be that if you ate them as a youngster. That’s how nostalgia works. It is embedded in our memories and therefore nothing can beat it. I feel like I’ve spent my life working on the skills to be able to recreate some of that first magic.”Terri Mercieca, Pastry chef and founder, Happy Endings

So with Happy Endings what T brings to the world is superbly made, scientific beyond belief, high quality ice cream and dessert. Each flavour sensation super-charged with a nostalgia that runs so deep it’ll hit you in the face harder than the glowing yellow lights of Blockbuster Video on a Friday night.

Terri Merceica


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